Digital Hearing Care attended the Hearbuy hearing aid industry conference mid September, lots of new things to tell you about. We will post in more detail about individual manufacturers and their recent offerings fairly shortly but here's a run down of what's in store;

Phonak Hearing Aids - Phonak have a big launch planned for October, they are keeping things under wraps but Digital Hearing Care have been informed it's going to be a big event, maybe a new raft of technology being launched?

Oticon Hearing Aids - Oticon have a launch later this month towards the end of September for a mid range product, all indications are it will be a mid range offering based on the very successful Rise 2 chip and the Oticon Agil / Agil Pro.

Widex Hearing Aids - Widex are very excited to launch their new wireless products, the new wireless accessories will be available alongside the new Widex Clear 440 which will be available later this month.

Unitron Hearing Aids - Unitron are pretty excited about their new Unitron Tandem CROS / BiCros product, they tell me it is literally flying off the shelves! For a niche product it seems to have caught people's imaginations! Our head hearing aid audiologist Paul Minikin is trying out a Unitron Tandem on his mother in the next few days and will be very interetsed to see how she hets on with the device....

GN ReSound Hearing Aids - GN ReSound launched their new ReSound Alera product just before the conferenece, initially as a RIC product with some really interesting new wireless accessories, their ideas certainly seem to be pushing the technology in the right direction.

Bernafon Hearing Aids - Bernafon added an entry level version of their patented 'Channelfree' technology to their range of hearing aids. The new Bernafon Inizia complements the existing range of Bernafon Veras and Bernafon Verite.

Of course Siemens Hearing Aids and Starkey Hearing Aids have recently brought new offerings to the fore, Siemens with the launch mid year with their full upgrade of the Siemens Pure, Life and Motion range of hearing aids, Starkey with the IQ upgrade to their successful Starkey 'S' Series and the ground breaking Starkey OtoLens.

We will post in more detail individually about all these exciting new products over the next few days or so, we hope we've whetted your appetite in the meantime!

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