Hearing Aid Prices - How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

Below is pretty much the whole range of hearing aids available in the UK, if you want a price on any hearing aids not listed please just ask!
We offer a free hearing test at home (or in a centre if available), a 60 day money back guarantee, the prices include fitting, free aftercare for the life of the hearing aids, VAT and a two year manufacturers warranty with an option to extend to five years. (If you want to extend from two to five years just add £150 per hearing aid)
Are our hearing aid prices the cheapest in the UK? Probably not, but we are cheaper than 95% of hearing aid suppliers including most who are prominent on the internet. You can also be assured of great aftercare, check out some of our customer testimonials
Be Aware! Some suppliers of hearing aids, particularly the national retailers tend to supply older technology at lower prices but don't tell you the technology is past it's sell by date! Also a common marketing ploy is to rebrand hearing aids under a different name or own label to make price comparisons difficult. We're very happy to dig around and find out exactly what hearing aids others are advising you to buy... please just ask!

Click the logos below for prices on every hearing aid available in the UK....
Phonak  Oticon  Widex  Resound

Siemens Starkey  Bernafon  Unitron